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International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop

Luga and St. Petersburg, Russia
August 10 - August 22, 2014

Organized jointly by St. Petersburg Academic University, St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network NANOEMBRACE ,IRSES project FUNPROB and CRC 787 Nanophotonics and School of Nanophotonics of DFG

Organizing Committee

Vladimir Dubrovskii (Chairman)

Evgeniy Mozgovoi

Abgar Orbeli

Zhanna Sokolova

Dagou Zeze

Evgeniy Viktorov

Maria Sudenkova

Yuri Berdnikov

Maria Timofeeva


Connie Chang-Hasnain

Zhores Alferov

Vladimir Dubrovskii

University of California

Berkeley, CA

Academic University

St. Petersburg

Academic University

St. Petersburg





The physics of nanoscale materials and the devices based on them has now become an important area for research and development in both academic and industry laboratories. The iNOW 2014 workshop will engage participants in considerations of state-of-the-art nanoscale semiconductor processing and synthesis, the new physics of tailoring material’s optical and electrical properties, new advances in characterization techniques, and new devices with novel functionalities. Similar to previous iNOWs, the workshop features tutorial-style talks, poster sessions for students, rump sessions and ample time in beautiful surroundings of St. Petersburg and its region. The iNOW 2014 workshop will be organized in two locations: Mansion “Burevestnik” in the wonderful countryside of Luga, 150 km to the south of St. Petersburg, and in St. Petersburg Academic University. There will be several social events such as barbeque parties at the lake shore in Luga, St. Petersburg city tour, boat trip, and excursions to famous sites in St. Petersburg including its world-class museums. The workshop promises ample opportunities for interaction, inspiring presentations, exciting discussions, and invigorating debates. We hope your experiences here will stimulate future collaborations and spark future breakthroughs.


18:00, Sunday, August 10th to 23:59, Friday, August 22th, 2014


All registration must be made online

June 1, 2014

Registration online

June 1, 2014

Registration fee wired to Alferov Foundation

June 6, 2014

Abstract Submission

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Technical Topics

Growth of nanostructures

Quantum dots and nanowires

Photonic crystals


Plasmonics and left-handed materials

Quantum well, quantum dot and quantum cascade lasers


Solar cells

Widegap materials and devices

Integrated photonic circuits

High-speed lasers and detectors

Applications and systems

Photonic devices for life sciences and environment

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Excursion Trip

Details to be provided.

Steering Committee

Zhores Alferov, St. Petersburg Academic University

Vladimir Vasilev, St. Petersburg University ITMO

Markus Amann, Technical University of Munich

Yasuhiko Arakawa, University of Tokyo

Dieter Bimberg, Technical University of Berlin

Connie Chang-Hasnain, UC Berkeley (ex-officio)

Zhangyuan Chen, Peking University

Vladimir Dubrovskii, St. Petersburg Academic University (ex-officio)

Alfred Forchel, University Würzburg

Yi Luo, Tsinghua University

Fumio Koyama, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Abderrahim Ramdane, LPN CNRS

Guillaume Huyet, Tyndall National Institute

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